RESIDENTS have said "enough is enough" over a car crime wave that has hit a Worcester suburb.

Andy Roberts, Worcestershire County councillor for Warndon, says he shares their concerns after another suspected offender being caught on camera.

Cllr Roberts said: "We accept we are in a low level car crime area but this is starting to knock the confidence of the public.

"To be frank I agree with them that is enough is enough.

"I have arranged to meet with police for a briefing - I want to express the concerns that local people have directly."

Exasperated residents have said the situation is now "getting out of hand", one saying "Why can't they just leave us alone?"

Warndon Parish Council's vice chairman Andrew Cross appealed to residents to keep reporting incidents.

Cllr Cross said: "If you haven't already done so, please report this to our local police - the police say they need our reports, to allocate funds to tackle this."

Elisabete Viegas, one of those who shared the footage of the latest suspected offender, described the situation as "scary".

Her footage was among many shared by Warndon Villages residents, taken on Ring doorbells, of a man trying vehicle doorhandles in Homestead Avenue.

The latest offender was spotted in the early hours of Tuesday morning, January 18, at around 1.47am in the morning, with neighbours living in the area reporting him to police.

We reported last month cars were targeted in Long Meadow, and cars and vans including in Homestead Avenue. Among the incidents during the car crime wave last year two vehicles were stolen from driveways of properties in the area in July, while in August Paul Bennett said he discovered his car had been broken into on his drive at his home also in Wood Leason Avenue.

Thieves broke into a vehicle in Topham Avenue and Wood Leason Avenue, Lyppard Hanford in October.

Also that month a brazen thief was filmed trying to break into cars in Warndon Villages. On that occasion the thieves made off with two pairs of expensive headphones in Debdale Avenue.

PCSO David Anderson told us earlier this week somebody had been reported for trying car doors handles, and they were currently investigating him. It is unclear if the person is a new offender or the same one police are investigating.

PCSO Anderson added he currently couldn't say if there was update on anyone being arrested or charged in relation to their investigations but he said patrols stepped up before Christmas currently remain in place.

"Patrols are still going out and around Warndon Villages," PCSO Anderson said.

"We are being quite proactive. We are working hard to apprehend any of the offenders, we are looking at all angles.

"If people see anything suspicious, if they witness anything or see it on their doorbell cameras or CCTV, call 101 straightaway. Even if its just something out the ordinary still call 101 - nobody would be criticised for making a report."

Anyone with information can call police or report crimes or give information through the police website