A primary school in Worcester has welcomed a well-being puppy into the school.

Oldbury Park primary school has brought in 15-week-old beagle Charlie to support pupils and staff, providing comfort, especially to the school's more vulnerable children.

Principal Lee Card said: "There's a timetable of children who Charlie is mapped out to work against and this ranges from children who had challenges in their recent lives to children who maybe find mainstream schooling tricky at times and need some support and time out of class.

"Our pastoral team here have pieced together their timetable and incorporated Charlie from the outset, only know and then as he's only a puppy and we don't want to overwhelm him, but his sheer presence in the school has had a wonderful impact already. 

"I've very much said to the whole school that he is a part of our family now at this school and I say that in assembly that he is your family pet at this school, as much as he is my family pet when we go home in the evening.


"Our school's values are really simple and they are to be kind, be safe and be respectful.

"Having a dog in the school helps the pupils to practice all of those three values in different ways."

Mr Card explained that he has heard the children talking about being quiet so they walk past his office so that they don't upset Charlie.

He added: "There's a genuine, authentic reason for demonstrating these values now and that is really important to me.

"We did a full survey of parents, pupils and staff checking for any allergies and fears before bringing Charlie in. 

"Getting the right breed was important and Charlie has a beautiful temperament. 

Mr Card lets pupils walk Charlie around the site at lunches as well as playing with him in separate rooms or the school gardens with supervision to boost their mood and well-being. 

Teresa Marks, EYFS/KS1 lead at Oldbury Park, said: "What an amazing new member of our school.

"The excitement from the children every time they see him is contagious. We all find ourselves talking in silly soft voices telling him how gorgeous he is.

"The understanding and respect the children show around our new puppy makes me very proud."

Mrs Gaynor Screen, a year 4 teacher, said: "Having Charlie in school is a fantastic idea, especially as we have all been affected by the lockdowns and covid.

"His presence increases everyone's wellbeing, especially the children. They are gaining increased confidence levels and improved communication skills. 

"He provides a focus and calming space for many children who have challenging behaviour and helps with their social and emotional welfare. Charlie is a dog for our community."

Mrs Sharon McFee, pastoral lead at the school, said: "The difference that Charlie has made to the whole school - not just the children - but the adults too has been immense!

"When the children see him or walk him, it fills me with such warmth seeing their nurturing qualities shine through.

"In such a short space of time, the love we have for Charlie is huge, and this will get stronger every day."

Charlie was introduced to the school after a group of pupils visited Sutton Park school in Kidderminster last year and proposed the idea to Mr Card.

He has been gradually introduced to the school and pupils since December 22, 2021.