A PARTIALLY disabled woman was robbed at a cashpoint by thieves who barged her out of the way after she typed in her pin.

She now wants to warn other vulnerable people to be aware when they are taking out cash and use machines which are covered by CCTV.

The woman, who has multiple sclerosis, stood up from her mobility scooter to withdraw money from the cash machine on Ambleside Drive when the three men barged her out of the way.

She could only watch on as the mask-wearing gang emptied her account and then ran away.

The 53-year-old woman, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: "It took seconds.

"I didn't see anything beforehand.

"I didn't lose a major amount of money but it did upset me.

"I want to raise awareness to other people who are a bit more vulnerable about using cashpoints and being aware of their surroundings.

"I was busy using the cashpoint so I didn't notice the three men.

"They were between 18 to lates 20s and were masked up, it was dark and they were wearing dark-coloured clothes.

"I think they are from outside of the area - I know a lot of the lads from around here and they're very protective of me."

The trio ran off leaving the woman shaken but unhurt.

The woman has reported the incident, which took place on the weekend of January 8, to police.

"It was terrible. They were all dressed in black and all wearing masks and it is pure speculation but I don't think they were from this area.

"I'm usually pretty spacially aware about what's going on around me but it was dark.

"I haven't let it stop me though.

"I'm partially disabled, I'm vulnerable but there are people who are a lot more vulnerable than I am who may not be able to just get on with it.

"They might not just target disabled people but young mothers or anyone who is distracted."

She shared her story on the NextDoor website and the community has rallied around her which she is very grateful for.

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However, she added she only shared her story to make sure other vulnerable people did not fall victim to the same thing.

She advised people to look around before using a cashpoint and choose to use one in an area with good CCTV coverage.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or via the report a crime section on the West Mercia Police website.