A DAUGHTER who swindled her mother out of thousands after her father's death has been jailed at Worcester Crown Court.

Judge Martin Jackson said Hilary Furminger, who once worked in a civilian role at West Mercia Police, had "twisted the knife" through her lies and deceit which eventually led to the family home being repossessed.

Michael Aspinall, prosecuting at the court on Wednesday (July 26), said Furminger began her offending after being put in charge of the financial affairs following the death of her 58-year-old father, Les Furminger in May 2008.

The prosecutor said Les Furminger, a former police officer, had spoken to his son in hospital just before his death and assured him about the family's finances, and that there would be no money worries for wife Julia.

"The first fraudulent activity was on October 22, 2008, five months after the death," Mr Aspinall said.

"The offence occurred by the defendant taking money in various amounts, and transferring into her own personal account.

"There were a total of 141 transactions into Furminger's current account, with a total value of £186,106.

"June 1, 2015 was the last fraudulent transaction made by the defendant. Mrs Furminger was none the wiser to what her daughter was doing."

He said Furminger's crimes only came to the awareness of her mother when, in December 2017, Julia Furminger decided she wanted to spend money on redecorating the family home in Stourport.

"She mentioned this to the defendant, and it was then she was told there was no money left," the prosecutor said.

"She was shocked and questioned the situation."

Furminger told her mother she took the money to "keep the family afloat", falsely blaming her ex-husband.

Julia Furminger then received a letter in March 2018 from her bank saying the house would be repossessed, the defendant telling her "it must be a mistake".

It later emerged direct debit mortgage payments had been stopped in January 2015, the defendant having stopped the payments.

The prosecutor added when the home was later repossessed, Julia Furminger was forced to move into rented accommodation.

Julia Furminger broke down in tears as she read out her powerful victim statement telling the court she had been "devastated" to lose her home.

"It was very distressing and humiliating for me," she told the judge.

"I have lost trust and faith in Hilary. I realise now she controlled and manipulated me for many years.

"What daughter does this to her mother?"

Abigail Nixon, defending, said the 46-year-old mum-of-two, of Caulder Road, Stourport, had expressed remorse for her behaviour.

"Her relationship with her mother has now been fractured beyond repair," Miss Nixon said.

"She instructed me to tell the court and her family she was appalled when she discovered her mother was going to lose her home.

"There was an element of hope she would be able to cover up much of the offending - she would be able to pay the arrears."

Sentencing Furminger on one count of fraud Judge Jackson said: "There was a serious breach of trust.

"Your father set it up so your mother should not have any worries at all in later life.

"The impact on your mother by your offending has been very high indeed.

"She has had all her savings drained away, she has lost her home."

The judge jailed her for 42 months and also set a timeline for confiscation proceedings, under the proceeds of crime act, to see what if any of the money could be recouped for the victim.