A 19-year-old from Worcester performed for the Chinese Embassy in London.

As part of their Chinese New Year celebrations, Tazmin Barnes was invited to perform for Ambassador Zheng Zeguang.

The performance was aired on a news channel in China named CCTV.

Miss Barnes said: "It was pretty surreal to be honest.

"Since I grew up in Beijing we would watch CCTV as a kid and obviously in my mind it's this massive programme that a lot of people see.

"Never did I ever think that I could appear on it.

"Honestly, I was just ecstatic, I cried a little bit because it was pretty emotional!

"An opportunity like this doesn't really come around every day and I'm incredibly grateful for it.

"It's a really great experience and gives me a lot of hope."

Worcester News:

Miss Barnes was contacted by famous pianist Didi Xiao, after she peformed a Chinese New Year concert with her last year, and she invited her to take part in the performance.

She added: "I got a call from Didi Xiao, saying that the Chinese Embassy had asked her to plan a new programme that would shock the new Ambassador and impress him, so she invited me to sing.

"I only had about five days notice, but I said yes immediately, I was very, very excited.

"I didn't know what it would entail in terms of being on CCTV China and on zoom with about 500 delegates."

The performance was filmed at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Miss Barnes was supported by world-renowned pianist Didi Xiao as well as an ensemble of musicians, dancers and a Sichuan face changer.

Her father, Darrell Barnes, said: "Tazmin gave a new year greeting to welcome the new Year of the Tiger, and then sang two traditional folk songs all in mandarin.

"The event was organised by the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy and aims to promote closer connections between the UK and China.

"This year there were over 450 esteemed guests in attendance including Consulate Ministers, the China Britain Business Council, the British Council, dignitaries from international embassies, the Foreign Office, MPs, peers, business leaders, academics, film producers, the BBC, and even Lord Peter Mandelson!

"I'm delighted, it's absolutely massive.

"It's been great for her to get some recognition."

Miss Barnes moved to China with her family when she was two years old and remained there for ten years.

She attended bilingual, international schools and can therefore speak both English and picked up on Chinese.

She then moved back to Worcester with her family and attended RGS Worcester.

She is now at Exeter University studying Spanish and Chinese and is hoping to pursue a career in the music industry.