A 'controlling' husband who attacked his wife, spent her money on drugs and told her she would have to go back to Pakistan skipped his unpaid work punishment

Naveed Hussain appeared back at Worcester Crown Court last Thursday after breaching the terms of a 30 month community order, only imposed last November, for 'controlling and coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship'.

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The court heard that he had a paid job working for Caspian Pizza in Worcester. Hussain also crashed his car into a house in Battenhall Rise in March 2018, causing £30,000 of damage and injuring the family inside, before fleeing the scene.


Worcester News:

BREACH: Naveeed Hussain. Photo: West Mercia Police

A 15-year-old girl and her mum went to hospital after the crash. The teenager was treated for a broken collarbone, broken ribs and a fracture to her shoulder. Her mum suffered broken ribs and a punctured left lung.

The 30-year-old of Wyld's Lane, Worcester, was prosecuted for the breach by probation officer Jason Smith who said Hussain had only managed to attend his first appointment.

"He has not attended since, unfortunately. He states he remains motivated to get the hours done" said Mr Smith.Worcester News:

CONCERN: Naveed Hussin admitted controlling and coercive behaviour


He had to complete an accredited programme of building better relationships (30 sessions) and 100 hours of unpaid work. A restraining order of indefinite length was also made which prevents him having contact, directly or indirectly, with the victim.

Hussain said: "I'm sorry. It was a lot of unfortunate events that occurred one after the other. None of them were reasonable excuses so I'm sorry about that."

Judge James Burbidge QC told Hussain: "You have put the taxpayer to expense. I don't suppose the probation service asks for costs?"

Hussain was not sent to jail last time because he had spent the equivalent of close to a 20 month prison sentence while waiting to learn his fate.

He had earlier admitted controlling and coercive behaviour between April 1, 2020 and January 22 last year year and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on January 22 last year.

Hussain's behaviour included taking his wife's house keys and mobile phone, making threats to her family in Pakistan and telling her she would have to return to Pakistan.

Raj Punia, prosecuting on the last occasion, said it was the victim's manager who called police when she arrived at Worcestershire Royal Hospital with 'minor but visible physical injuries'.

"He asked for her house keys and told her she was not allowed to leave the house, picked up her bank card and phone off the bed and said she would be staying in the house" said Ms Punia.

Worcester News:

WARNING: Judge Burbidge QC said Hussain would be going to jail next time.


The assault involved him slapping her to the back of the head, pulling her hair and grabbing her by her left shoulder and pushing her against the door, causing the door to break.

She reported injuries to her neck and shoulder.

Ms Punia said: "She was saying he made threats to harm her family back in Pakistan if she did not do as she was told, took her money and spent it" she said.

The victim also described how he would 'spend her money on drugs or on his own children from his previous relationship'.

Judge Burbidge added 20 extra hours of unpaid work for the breach. "If you come before the court again I'm going to have to send you immediately to custody" the judge warned.