TV star Adam Henson is hosting the annual Lambing & Kidding Event at his Cotswold Farm Park.

Cotswold Farm Park is expecting over 1,000 lambs next week, with over 600 ewes and nanny goats heading to the site to mark the start of the event.

The popular visitor attraction, which is run by the popular farmer and TV presenter, is set to reopen for spring on February 14.

Farmer and TV presenter Adam Henson is best known for hosting his own segment on BBC's Countryfile.

Worcester News: Adam Henson. PA/PA Images.Adam Henson. PA/PA Images.

He said: "We’re getting ready to move the 600 ewes indoors and we’ll be checking on them regularly for signs of the first arrivals.

"It’s going to be an exciting 10 weeks for the team and I’m looking forward to sharing the whole experience with our visitors.”

The animal barn at the farm park has been installed with seating for the public to watch live births, as well as lambing and kidding pens to provide a comfortable space for the flock.

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Over the last few weeks, the pregnant ewes have been grazing on the Farm Park’s stubble turnips to ensure they have enough nutrients for the arrival of their newborns.

Worcester News: Picture provided by Cotswold Farm Park.Picture provided by Cotswold Farm Park.

Visitors can identify how many lambs each sheep is expecting by the coloured markings that were added to their coats during scanning, with red markings indicating a single lamb, blue for twins and green is for triplets.

The farm park will be hosting ‘Lambing Talks’ with the Farm Park experts, so visitors can learn more about the flock and a wide variety of newborns, including piglets and guinea pigs.

The event will be available to the public from between February 14 and April 24, with tickets available to purchase online in advance via the Cotswold Farm Park website.