A SLICE of cucumber in a terrarium has helped a Worcester postman go viral on TikTok racking up 16 million views.

Ben Newell's video on his Worcester Terrariums TikTok page shows what happens when a slice of cucumber is added to a terrarium.

Slowly creepy crawlies come out of hiding to munch on the slice of cucumber leaving viewers fascinated and some a little horrified.

Mr Newell, from the Arboretum, said he has now been inundated with orders for his terrariums since the clip went viral.

The Royal Mail worker said: "I've had a lot of orders come through so I am a bit overwhelmed with that.

"But it is a good thing.

"I'm having to decline orders from the USA and around the world.

"At the start of the year, I made it a priority to put more TikTok content out.

"I did a lot of studying about how to make engaging short-form videos and I think it just worked on this occasion.

"It's just exploded. Last I checked it was on 15million which I never expected.

"When I went to bed after uploading it, it was already on 250,000 and then when I woke up it had 5million."


@worcesterterrariums check out this established terrarium! #terrarium #plants #plantlove #plantlover #iloveplants #plantnerd #botany #terrariumplants ♬ original sound - Ben Newell

Mr Newell's followers have also jumped from about 11,000 to more than 120,000.

He tends to get around 100,000 to 250,000 views on his TikTok page and also runs a successful Instagram page too where one Reel has racked up 3million views.

The viral video also means he is now eligible for the Creator Fund and may receive payments for his contributions.

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He thinks the reason why his video has proved popular is because it has a hook.

"I put watch what happens when you put a slice of cucumber in a terrarium so people have a reason to watch the video to the end.

"As the video goes on more strange-looking creatures come crawling out.

"Ninety-nine per cent of the comments have been very positive, a few people have been freaked out.

 "But I think it is quite a curious thing to watch."