We would like to honour all those who were nominated for Worcestershire Education Awards 2022 - sponsored by the University of Worcester.

The full list of nominees are:

Early Years Education/ Primary School of the Year

The Lenches Pre-school

Flyford Flavell Primary School

Sue Jennings - Abbey Park Pre-school

Bowbrook House School

Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School

Jessica Rudd - North Worcester Primary Academy

Fairfield Day Nursery

Bengeworth Academy

Abbey Park Pre School

Headteacher of the Year

Lee Card - Oldbury Park Primary

Chris Allen - Bowbrook House

Nicki Ross - New College Worcester

Sarah Allen - Arrow Valley First

Spencer Morris - Red Hill CE Primary

Emily Calvert - North Worcester Primary

Rebecca Scully - Abbey Park Federation

Nicki Pritchard - Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic

Suzanne Beston - Perry Wood Primary

Sarah Callanan - St Stephen’s First School

Kerry Postans - Burlish Park Primary

Matthew Carpenter - Baxter College

Independent School of the Year

Bowbrook House School

Malvern College

The River School

RGS Dodderhill

Malvern St James

Lockdown Hero

Sue Richards - Fort Royal School

Nadiri Aktar - University of Worcester

Louise Waters - St Bede’s Catholic Middle School

CLPD Students - Worcester Sixth Form College

Julie Davis - Trinity High School and Sixth Form

Paul and Helen Harding - Discover History

Matthew Pye & Abbey Park Schools Federation

Middle / Secondary School of the Year

Christopher Whitehead Language College

St Bede’s Catholic Middle School

St John’s Middle School

Baxter College

New Teacher of the Year

Mrs Bennett - Bengeworth Academy

Hannah Moore - St Mary’s Catholic Primary

Andrew Oates - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary

Ben Holman - North Worcester Academy

Mr J Grange - Tudor Grange Academy

Special Educational Needs Award

Vanessa Scott - Fort Royal School

Nicola Byng - Westlands First School

Mrs Dearden - Northwick Manor Primary

Sam Gilbert - New College Worcester

Castlemorton CE Primary

Averil Thomas - St Clement’s Primary

New College Worcester

Star Student of the Year

Kitty Holroyd - Malvern College

Meg Hipkin - Worcester Sixth Form College

Victoria Withorn - Trinity High School and Sixth Form

Arya Govin - Bowbrook House School

Support Staff of the Year

Deborah Ratcliffe - Nunnery Wood Primary

Sharon Miles - Oasis Academy

Mr Sockett - Bowbrook House School

Maggie Lisseman - Great Witley CE Primary

Xiethe Draper - Northwick Manor Primary

Miss Pike - St Anne’s CE Primary

Laura Bills - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary

Ryan Delo - St Bede’s Catholic Middle

Lisa Browning - New College Worcester

Tina Harris - Arrow Valley First

Jenny Bishop - Sytchampton Endowed Primary

Ash Roberts - Burlish Park Primary

Teacher of the Year

Greg Satterly - Bengeworth CE Academy

Holly Adams - Arrow Valley First

Mrs Watts - Dines Green Community Academy

Will Stark - New College Worcester

Barbara Mitra - University of Worcester

Mark Abbott - St George’s CE First School

Ben Holman - North Worcester Primary

Kat Kirk - Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre

Jess Moore - Wolverley CE Secondary

Mrs Farmer - St Joseph’s Catholic

Mrs Mason - St Clement’s CE Primary

Karen Smith - Broadwas CE Primary

Kiran Lall - Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre

Julia Santese - Bishop Perowne CE College

Lorna Williams - University of Worcester

Bill Davis - University of Worcester