A NATIONAL broadcaster has discussed a Worcester News story on his radio show.

James O'Brien mentioned an interview this paper carried with Worcestershire virologist Professor Lawrence Young on his national LBC radio show on Friday morning (February 18).

Professor Young was critical in the interview on the expected announcement that the legal requirement for people that tested positive for coronavirus is to be dropped by the government.

In a segment discussing the government's plans, ahead of the "Living Safely with Covid” strategy being unveiled next week, the host said: "A county virologist, this is in Worcester, has spoken of his fears there could be another spike in Covid cases if the requirement to self isolate ends this month.

"There could be, and if there isn't it doesn't mean that his concerns are wrong.

"It says in the Worcester News - one of my late father's old papers - he was speaking following reports the government is set to end the legal requirement. I wonder if we can continue to leave that out the conversation."

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In the story Professor Young shared his concerns saying: "If you remove all restrictions it means you will get highly infectious people walking about infecting everyone else.

"There is no question infection rates will then go up."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make a statement to the Commons on the strategy when MPs return from a break on Monday, (February 21).