PRESENTER Clare Balding had to scrap plans to record her popular radio show from Worcester.

The floods foiled plans for Balding to record BBC Radio 4's Ramblings from along the riverside in the city today (Tuesday).

However, she did stop by to take some pictures of the flooded River Severn in the city centre.

Instead, Balding has recorded the show with poet Catherine Swire from Guarlford in Malvern calling the views "Magnificent".

She tweeted: "Meant to walk in Worcester today for #Ramblings but you can see why the river path wasn’t a good idea.

"Instead walked in Guarlford with magnificent views of the Malverns (pic 4).

"Bonus trip to Great Malvern train station which is a joy."


Ramblings sees Balding join notable and interesting people for a walk through the countryside.

The shows blurb says: "Clare explores a rural route near the Worcestershire village of Guarlford.

"Storm Eunice has just left, Franklin is underway and the River Severn is up so this is a last-minute change to the planned walk.

"Originally Clare and her guest, poet Catherine Swire, had planned to hike the first stretch of the Monarch's Way which runs along the banks of the Rivers Teme and Severn in Worcester but flooding has pushed them a little further south."

"Catherine has recently published her first book of poetry Soil which takes the theme of historic trauma and explores how it is etched on our landscape.

"Worcester was the site of the first proper skirmish, and the last battle, of the English Civil War, something featured within Catherine's work.

"The Monarch's Way is a long distance path which traces the very indirect escape route - from Worcester to Suffolk - of Charles II after his loss at the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

"Guarlford (not on the Monarch's Way) is about two miles east of Great Malvern, and a good mile and a half west of the River Severn - hopefully far enough to keep their feet dry."

It will be aired on Thursday, March 3 at 3pm.