THE number of coronavirus cases in Worcester has continued to drop new figures show as Covid 'Freedom Day' has seen the last restrictions lifted.

Public Health England (PHE) said 614 new Covid cases have been recorded in the city in the week up to February 18, a fall of 21.9 per cent on the previous week.

Worcester Town South, which covers the city centre towards Worcester Cathedral as well as Sidbury, saw the largest fall of 61.3 per cent to 24 cases.

St Peters, which cover WR6 and WR5 postcodes including St Peter's Drive and Otter Walk, fell 47.6 per cent to 31 cases.

Worcester Town North, which covers WR1 postcodes that include the city centre including Castle Street, The Tything and Foregate Street, fell 41.3 per cent to 27 cases.

Barbourne and Rainbow Hill, which covers WR3 postcodes including Lansdowne Road, Bilford Road and Astwood Road, fell 31.8 per cent to 45 cases.

King George's Field, which covers WR3 and WR4 postcodes including parts of Astwood Road, Tolladine Road, Langdale Drive, Brickfields Road and Blackpole Road, was down 17.9 per cent to 69 cases.

Ronkswood and Nunnery Wood, which covers WR5 postcodes including Newtown Road, Wildwood Drive and Silverdale Avenue, was down 14 per cent to 43 cases.

Warndon East, which covers many WR3 and WR4 postcodes including Blackpole Road and Berkeley Way, was down 45 per cent to 33 cases.

Warndon West, which covers WR4 postcodes including Cranham Drive, Chatcombe Drive and Landgale Drive, was down 29.2 per cent to 34 cases.

Northwick, which covers WR2 postcodes including Hylton Road and Hallow Road, was down 21.7 per cent to 47 cases.

Lower Wick and Bromwich Road, which covers WR2 postcodes and includes sections of Bransford Road and Malvern Road, was down 1.6 per cent to 61 cases.

Henwick, which covers WR2 postcodes including Hylton Road and Hallow Road, was down 5.1 per cent to 37 cases.

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Dines Green and St Johns, which covers WR2 postcodes including Tybridge Street and Tudor Way, fell 23 per cent to 57 cases.

February 24 was labelled Freedom Day by the government as the last remaining Covid restrictions, including the legal requirement to self isolate if you have tested positive for the virus, were lifted.

Worcestershire virologist Professor Lawrence Young was among those critical of the move, telling this paper: "If you remove all restrictions it means you will get highly infectious people walking about infecting everyone else. There is no question infection rates will then go up."