Tesco has revealed its huge range of more than 200 eggs-quisite chocolate eggs ahead of Easter.

There are 32 exclusive branded creations available in-store and online, starting at just 50p.

With a sensational array of much-loved flavours, including tangy chocolate orange, sweet biscoff, salted caramel and crunchy nuts, there’s a cracking treat for everyone.

Highlights from Tesco include the Lindor Salted Caramel Egg, Bounty Giant Chocolate Egg and Kit Kat Biscoff Giant Egg, which are all brand new this year and exclusively available for Tesco shoppers.

Customers can also see returning favourites on the shelves, with the giant Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg, Lindt Gold Bunny Animal Print and Twix Milk Chocolate Egg making a comeback for 2022.

Easter eggs available from £10 

Lindor Salted Caramel Egg, 348g, £15.00

A luxurious Lindt milk chocolate egg, paired with much-loved Lindt Lindor Truffles with a luxurious salted caramel filling.

Cadbury Fingers Chocolate Egg, 547G, £12.00

A smooth milk chocolate egg with shortbread biscuit inside the shell, alongside three bags of mini milk chocolate coated finger biscuits.

Bounty Giant Chocolate Egg, 494G, £12.00

A hollow milk chocolate egg with sweet coconut pieces filling the shell, alongside one milk and one dark chocolate covered coconut Bounty bars.

Worcester News: The Tesco Easter range is now available online and in stores nationwide (Tesco) The Tesco Easter range is now available online and in stores nationwide (Tesco)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Chopped Nut Easter Egg, 518G (XL), £12.00

A smooth Cadbury milk chocolate egg with crunchy hazelnut pieces embedded in the shell. Also included in the box is a Cadbury milk chocolate bar with chopped hazelnuts.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg, 410G, £10.00 

A delightful hollow milk chocolate egg, including one bag of orange-flavoured milk chocolate buttons.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Plush Peter Rabbit Easter Egg, 100g, £10.00

A sweet milk chocolate egg, alongside a plush Peter Rabbit toy as an extra treat for little ones.

Easter eggs for under £10 

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, 232G, £5.00

Enjoy a USA-turned British classic with three indulgent Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs, accompanied by a hollow milk chocolate egg.

Worcester News: Ferrero Rocher & Reese's eggs (Tesco)Ferrero Rocher & Reese's eggs (Tesco)

Ferrero Rocher Flame Egg, 212g, £8.00

The iconic Ferrero Rocher chocolate and hazelnut flavour in egg form with three indulgent nut croquantes.


Easter Eggs for under £5


Cadbury Creme Egg & Mug Set, 197G, £3.00

A bag of mini, soft fondant-filled, milk chocolate eggs, with a hollow milk chocolate egg, presented in a purple and yellow mug.

Worcester News: Terry's Chocolate Orange & Twix eggs (Tesco)Terry's Chocolate Orange & Twix eggs (Tesco)

Twix Milk Chocolate Large Easter Egg, 246G, £3.00

Two Twix bars, including one white chocolate and one milk chocolate, covering a layer of caramel and biscuit, alongside a hollow milk chocolate egg.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Egg & Bar, 240G, £3.00

An orange-flavoured, smooth milk chocolate egg, presented with a chocolate orange bar flavoured with real orange oil.

All eggs can be bought in-store and online