ANOTHER mystery sound is plaguing the residents of Warndon Villages.

Residents took to social media to complain about the "loud humming" noise described as "annoying" for residents including those trying to sleep.

The noise appears to be happening late at night into the early hours, and was heard on Saturday night (March 5), and Monday night (March 7).

Worcestershire County councillor Andy Roberts has vowed to look into the latest noise that has been heard late at night in recent days on the estate.

Some theories put forward are that the noise is either workmen, a generator, or a corn dryer - as this was previously a noise heard by residents on the estate.

Constant hum in Warndon Villages

One resident, who did not want to be named, told us: "It was a constant hum going on for hours.

"Very odd, it was certainly a man-made noise.

"It definitely wasn’t a vehicle of any sort unless workmen on a road somewhere were using some sort of equipment."

Cllr Roberts, who represents Warndon on Worcestershire County Council, said: "Complaints like this in the past have turned out to be the grain dryer, but it is hard to imagine it is that this time of year.

Worcester News:

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"No one has complained to me lately about a noise and this is the first I have heard about this new one.

"Officially, when it is workmen, they are allowed to have the noise equivalent to a ripple in a stream. I always say though noise is amplified at night, and you wouldn't want to hear that at 4am in the morning."

The councillor encouraged residents who hear the noise to make a note and report it to Worcestershire Regulatory Services which investigates sound issues.

A year ago we reported on another loud bass noise residents of the estate said had vibrated through their houses, shaking mirrors, pictures and windows of properties regularly in the early evening.

After the councillor carried out investigations, he found it to be man driving a vehicle blasting out a lot of noise from a massive stereo system and, after speaking to him, Cllr Roberts managed to get the noise stopped.