THE highly anticipated opening of sit down dining at Roly Poly Eats in Evesham is happening today (Thursday). 

Diners were welcomed to the restaurant as it opened at 5pm with a varied menu and cocktails.

Foodies have been enjoying the Roly Poly Eats takeaways and can now enjoy all day dining at the new restaurant in Davies Road, Evesham.

Roly Poly posted on Facebook about the event saying: "Finally we have finished the restaurant and we hope you'll agree it's been worth the wait.

"We're pretty proud of what we have produced, it's a little mini RPE oasis in a cool industrial box park setting, it really suits our style.


"There's just a few more tweaks but these things always take time.

"This sees us entering into a new venture of food, something that Evesham hasn't seen before but also serving those burgers and sides you guys love week in week out.

"And for dessert, there'll be epic brownies from the mighty duo @koffeeandcakepershore girls."

The restaurant is excited to debut its smoked meats and burgers to new customers in Evesham. 

Roly Poly added in its  Facebook post: "We've teamed up with local spirit producers @sweetpotatospiritcompany to stock their entire range.

"Our restaurant manager has been working with them extensively to create some great cocktails.

"We'll also stock craft beers, lagers and cider from our friends @peopletonpress"

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Roly Poly Eats catered at events across the UK before settling in Pershore in 2020.

Since then the brand has become a favourite, not only of Wychavon residents but also of some of the countries leading food influencers.

The Food Review Club, which has over half a million followers on Facebook, visited the Pershore branch in June 2020, handing it a 10/10 review.

Then in December 2020, the Roly Poly Eats takeaway service launched in Evesham.

Now, guests will be able to sit and enjoy a meal at the Davies Road branch.