THE owner of the Marlbank Inn made it through the first week of Gordon Ramsay's new TV show and will reappear on our screens tonight (Thursday, April 7). 

The Malvern business owner, Amit Panwar, will be put to the test by Ramsay in the second episode of BBC1's Future Food Stars as he puts the contestants' fish-filleting skills to the test. 

Ramsay will be filleting a salmon blindfolded then the contestants have to complete the task with their full vision.

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They will be expected to fillet 200g pieces of salmon perfectly, as Ramsay did without being able to see. 

As part of their task later in the episode, some of Mr Panwar's rival contestants make the mistake of serving honey to a group of vegans. 

The Marlbank Inn is a pub in Malvern known for its Indian cuisine.

It's situated on Marlbank Road in Malvern. 

In last week's episode, Ramsay eliminated a contestant whose business was based in Moreton after he failed to impress with his monkfish tacos. 

The contestant's were tasked with creating and selling a dish on the beach in Cornwall.

Mr Panwar's team flogged toasties despite his protests that an Indian dish was a better idea. 

Mr Panwar insisted that adding some meat or spieces to the toasties would imrpove them, but his teammates fiercely defended the classic cheese toastie. 

However, it all paid off in the end when he and his team made enough profit to save them from the risk of elimination. 

The eliminated contestant, Vincenzo Gentile, is co-founder of Smokin' Brothers, a smoked salmon business based in Moreton. 

He founded the business with two friends and all three business men are originally from Italy but chose Moreton as the home for their business.

He was eliminated on the grounds of taking on the role of team leader instead of focusng on his monkfish tacos. 

Throughout the series, contestants will compete for the chance to win a £150,000 investment from Ramsay himself in their food business. 

The show follows a format similar to The Apprentice but with Ramsay at the helm instead of Lord Alan Sugar and with food-based tasks.