WORCESTER holidaymakers have been warned to "arrive with compliant baggage" if they are flying from Birmingham Airport.

It has issued the advice to passengers after long delays cause havoc for holidaymakers.

With Worcestershire schools breaking up for the school holidays on Friday, with Birmingham being a favoured nearby airport.

Birmingham Airport shared the update for those from Worcestershire and beyond looking to enjoy sun and ski holidays during the half term.

The update for passengers came after holidaymakers took to social media to complain about the large queues yesterday.

Another passenger shared a picture from Monday which also shows the extent of the queues from the start of the week.

Birmingham Aiport released a statement following the reports of long queues this week.

A spokesperson said: "More than 11,000 customers who flew out of Birmingham airport yesterday (Wednesday, April 6).

"Of those 81 per cent waited less than 20 minutes to get through security.

“We’d ask all customers travelling to ‘help us help you’ to keep queues moving by presenting compliant baggage - removing liquids and electrical items - at the security scanners."

As of this morning, it was busy again, with average security wait times ranging from half an hour at the busiest moments to three minutes as the queues ebbed and flowed.

Average security wait times as of 12.45pm are at seven minutes.