FOODIES are excited for nighttime food and dancing at a popular city centre coffee shop.

Francini Cafe de Colombia, in Angel Place, will be open on Friday nights for food, music and entertainment launching tonight (Friday, April 22).

Owner Francini Osario said he wanted to give customers an 'experience' and people will be able to enjoy live Colombian music.

"We already did a soft opening for family and friends and it went really, really well.

"The idea came because I have been thinking that this town has a lot of places to go but nothing to give you an experience.

Worcester News: Francini Cafe de Columbia will be open on Friday nights Francini Cafe de Columbia will be open on Friday nights

"As a cafe we are quite popular and we give a good service and the atmosphere is good and the whole package is good and I thought we should explore something different.

"I have a very good chef, his name is James Smith, and he is English.

"I wanted to mix Colombian and English flavours together and create something different because everywhere you go is the same.

"So, we are making things different to everybody else."

People are asked to book a space over the phone and the cafe is already full for the next two Fridays. 

Mr Osario added: "We are going to have live, Colombian music sometimes and we are going to have a bit of salsa sometimes - it's going to be something different because i like to be different. 


"It could go to two days because it's already filling up, it's going crazy.

"The way it looks, we may be booked in advance for months.

"We posted on social media yesterday or the day before and we have already filled one week and the following week as well.

"It's filling up and it's going to be brilliant.

"It is going to be tapas style, I want to make it relaxed."

Mr Osario plans to bring in live, Colombian musicians for as many Fridays as possible.

In the future, he plans to set up a booking system on the cafe's website for anyone looking to visit on Friday nights.