IT SAT empty for years but is now considered one of the best pubs in the city according to online reviews

We took a look around the Paul Pry in The Butts which has been run by landlord Alex Pope for the past five years. 

Walking inside, we were welcomed by the resident dog called Alfie who can be seen wandering around the venue and greeting diners throughout the day.

Worcester News: Paul Pry - The bar areaPaul Pry - The bar area

The seating area has a welcoming exterior which is a mix of modern and rustic while looking like a home away from home and friendly faces behind the bar. 

Worcester News: Alfie welcoming guests into Paul PryAlfie welcoming guests into Paul Pry

The decor includes a rogue pineapple on the bar, an old school music collection, and a selection of comfy seating areas. 

There is even a small beer garden - possibly the smallest in Worcester - towards the back of the pub decorated with fairy lights and a cosy seating area. 

Worcester News: Beer Garden in the Paul PryBeer Garden in the Paul Pry

The popular pub is known for its Sunday roasts and laidback atmosphere. 

Alex Pope said: "We are best known for our Sunday lunch, you can't get a table till May.

"During lockdown, it escalated into a crazy thing and over Easter weekend we did over 200 deliveries." 

Worcester News: Owner of Paul Pry Alex Pope with his dog Alfie Owner of Paul Pry Alex Pope with his dog Alfie

Mr Pope said the pub cooks a lot of seasonal and local food.

He said: "We have our own farm produce in Hindlip such as honey and we make our own rhubarb wine and chutney and pickles. 

Worcester News:

"I think it's important to have a province and story behind the products you have.

"We also use local butchers and we are trying to cut down on our meat dishes and have a balance as the summer comes."