A youth football coach investigated by the FA admits he “made mistakes” but is looking to turn things around with his new club.

Mark Andrews was investigated by the FA last year following complaints from parents about his overzealous behaviour.

The FA advised Mr Andrews to undertake an online safeguarding course and he subsequently resigned from his role as under 10s coach at Worcester City.

Now, Mr Andrews is looking to put the past behind him and has joined a new club, Malvern Youth and Juniors FC.

He said: “I’m not saying that I haven’t done anything wrong in the past. I could have done things a lot better.

“If I have done anything wrong I will put my hands up and admit it.

“It’s been a really stressful and difficult six or 12 months and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

“I just want to be able to learn from my mistakes and continue coaching to help kids in their development.”

Last week, Mr Andrews officially began coaching at Malvern Youth and Juniors FC, prompting concern from a parent from his old club who said they will be asking the FA to take action.

However, chairman and founder Marcus Wright said he has no qualms about hiring Mr Andrews, having discussed the situation with the FA and outside advisors.

He said: “I am aware of the claims of certain behaviour

“He’s said to me ‘maybe sometimes I was too pushy to get results for the children’ and ‘maybe I could have done things calmer and sweeter’ but at no point did he cross any lines.

“Of course, if a parent makes a complaint about a coach or board member it is something that is very serious and very worrying and needs to be looked at in very serious way.”

Regarding the situation at Worcester City, Mr Wright added: “I have been given an overview of the situation but not a huge amount of specifics.

“He is still in contact with most of the parents from that club and that speaks levels about what nine out of ten or eleven boys think about him.

“I have had experience with him in the past and know that he is a completely dedicated and experienced coach.”

Worcestershire FA and Worcester City both declined to comment on the matter.

Both organisations provided the following statement: “We never comment on any individual and only provide information that under FA Regulations would be published e.g.  National Panel Disciplinary hearing decisions.”