AN ‘eyesore’ 5G mast will still not be allowed to be built on the side of a busy village road following a government ruling.

The plan to build the 15-metre-high tower off School Lane in Holt Heath near Worcester was rejected by planners at Malvern Hills District Council who ruled the structure was too tall and would look out of place.

An appeal was lodged with the government’s planning inspector by telecommunicators CK Hutchison Networks in a bid to get the decision overturned but was rejected for a second time.

Planning inspector Alexander O’Doherty said the council’s decision could not be reversed as building the mast would “cause significant harm to the character and appearance of the area” and it had not been proven that better locations were unavailable.

The controversial application to build the 5G tower was met with opposition from villagers in Holt Heath when it was first put forward and led to 59 objections from residents being submitted to the council.

Objectors had said the planned 5G tower was too big and intrusive for the village and would distract drivers travelling along of the village’s main and busiest routes.

A report outlining the council’s rejection said: “The proposed mast will also be situated in close proximity to the roundabout on School Lane. The proposal would not be considerably set back from the highway.

“Due to the height and lack of screening, the mast will be highly prominent within the public realm especially when viewed from the north and south on School Lane.

“Due to the openness of the surrounding area and the close proximity to the highway, the prominence of the proposed mast is further increased making the proposal appear incongruous within the streetscene.

“Although the proposed mast would have a simple, utilitarian design that would help reduce the visual impact, it is considered that due to the siting of the mast sited in a prominent location in close proximity to the highway and the height of the proposal, the mast would appear at odds with the surrounding area.

“As such, prior approval is required in relation to siting and appearance.”