A WHATSAPP blunder has left a councillor having to deny he is antisemitic after a video was accidentally shared in a group chat with prominent Conservatives. 

A whistleblower leaked screenshots of councillor Allah Ditta appearing to delete and apologise for a video that he said was accidentally shared into the 'Campaign News' WhatsApp group.

The councillor said he left his phone unattended and the video was unintentionally shared to the group, which includes Worcester MP Robin Walker and leader of Worcester City Council, Marc Bayliss.

The incident happened last year but has only just been shared by former Labour MP Michael Foster who was sent the screengrabs by the whistleblower.

Worcester News: Cllr Allah Ditta.Cllr Allah Ditta.

Cllr Ditta said: "As soon as I became aware of this event I immediately deleted the content and sent an explanation and apology to those on the group.

"The chairman of the association acknowledged this as you can see from the message. 

"I absolutely condemn all forms of racism. I have friends across all faiths and believe in diversity 100 per cent."

The video shows a guest on a US talk show making anti-Semitic comments.

Former Worcester MP Mr Foster has drafted a letter to the chairman of the Conservative party, Oliver Dowden MP, about the video.

Worcester News: Mike Foster, former MP for Worcester.Mike Foster, former MP for Worcester.

Mr Foster said: "This screenshot and the video were shared with me by somebody who was involved in the group chat

"The fact that Cllr Ditta claims this was a mistake and that his phone was left unattended is ridiculous.

"Given what the Labour party went through with antisemitism, it is critically important that this is highlighted and addressed."

"We have to ask why he has this kind of content on his phone in the first place?"

The city's MP said: "By the time I saw the video was shared in the chat, it had been deleted.

"Quite rightly so it was looked into at the time but it was established that the video did not come from a member of the group.

"As an association, we have several Jewish candidates and we never tolerate any form of discrimination, and antisemitism is included in that."

Worcester News: Left to Right: Robin Walker MP and Cllr Marc Bayliss.Left to Right: Robin Walker MP and Cllr Marc Bayliss.

Cllr Marc Bayliss, leader of Worcester City Council, also emphasised that the issue was resolved last year, and denied all claims made by Mr Foster.

Cllr Bayliss said: "I did not see the content of the video myself, but what I do know is that this was dealt with months ago.

"For Mike Foster to be making these allegations when his own party has had antisemitism issues is utter hypocrisy.

"We have no space for antisemitism in the party whatsoever and we have a proud record of handling all discrimination.

"These allegations are just meddling nonsense for political gain and you can not trust a word that Mr Foster says. Why was he so quiet when his own party was found guilty of this?"