Worcestershire’s MPs have sent almost 50,000 tweets between them.

That is according to analysis of their Twitter accounts by Motive PR.

MP for Worcester Robin Walker and West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin have both sent around 18,500 tweets since joining the social media website on October 1, 2013, and January 1, 2009, respectively.

Mr Walker tweets an average of six times per day, around 181 times each month.

Mrs Baldwin meanwhile sends an average of 3.9 tweets per day, 116 per month.

This means that both are more active than the average MP, who sends 3.5 tweets per day.

Nigel Huddleston, MP for Mid Worcestershire, has been less active, tweeting 9,700 times since joining the site on May 1, 2012.

This means the 51-year-old sends an average of around 2.7 tweets per day, equating to 82 per month.

All three pale in comparison to the House of Commons’ most prolific tweeter, Labour’s Karl Turner, who has sent an average of 26.1 per day for 12 years.

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How many followers?

The roughly 600 MPs with accounts have sent almost eight million tweets between them.

However, Motive PR has found that tweeting all the time doesn’t necessarily lead to more followers, with Mr Turner having just under 41,000 followers.


The average for MPs is 54,300 with the three Worcestershire MPs all falling way below this mark.

Mrs Baldwin is the most followed of the trio, with 28,200 followers.

Mr Huddleston has 18,100, while Mr Walker has the fewest number of followers, with 16,100.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the most followers of the MPs on twitter, with 4.1 million.


He is one of just four MPs with more than a million followers, ahead of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (2.4 million), current Labour leader Keir Starmer (1.2 million) and ex-PM Theresa May (1 million).

The analysis also found that Labour reaches the largest portion of the electorate, with an average of 63,500 followers each – among parties with at least 10 members.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party's 45 members averaged just 29,300 each.

*All stats correct as of March 29, 2022