PLANS FOR a dance evening at a popular city centre coffee shop has been put on ice because of staffing issues.

There was lots of excitement when Francini Cafe de Colombia announced it would be opening on Friday nights for food, music and dancing.

However, after just two weeks the evenings have been put on hold because of family issues and staffing problems. 

Francini Osario, owner of the cafe in Angel Place, said: "We are going to try to start the Friday nights again.

"Our chef has a family situation and we cannot be open without him.

"It is also very difficult to find the staff and if we try to do evenings then the following day our staff were so tired that they could not cope.

"Our chef is going to try to sort out the situation with his family and we will go back to being open on Friday nights again. 

"It was working really well.

"We were selling out and it's a really good concept."

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Francini Cafe de Colombia's Friday nights had been so popular that they were being booked up weeks in advance.

The two Fridays that Mr Osario was able to open the cafe were a success and customers responded well to them. 

Mr Osario launched the cafe's evening openings on Friday, April 22. 

Mr Osario said: "The idea came because I have been thinking that this city has a lot of places to go but nothing to give you an experience.

"As a cafe, we are quite popular and we give a good service and the atmosphere is good and the whole package is good and I thought we should explore something different.

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"I have a very good chef, his name is James Smith, and he is English.

"I wanted to mix Colombian and English flavours together and create something different because everywhere you go is the same.

"So, we are making things different to everybody else."

Mr Osario included live, Colombian music in the restaurant on these Friday evenings and encouraged people to get up and dance.