Bunnies, cats and dogs can all be wonderful companions and reliable sources of entertainment.  

This is often proven by the RSPCA Worcester and Mid who often share candid animal pictures on social media. 

A bunny called Ronon was caught making 'happy honking' noises while enjoying his food on Friday morning (May 6).  

The RSCPA Worcester and Mid said: "For a Friday morning dose of cuteness, here's another couple of Ronan videos...sound up on clip 2 to hear the adorable little "happy honking" noise he makes when he's enjoying his food.

"Ronan is all the proof you ever need that bunnies are every bit as rewarding as dogs and cats-in fact many of his mannerisms are distinctly dog and cat like!

"From his love of lap time, his funny antics, to his love of grooming people he bonds with...one of our team has even taught Ronan to sit for a treat!"