A new Romanian restaurant is thriving as it aims to bring the country's traditions and dishes to the city.

The owner of La Terasa, Dumitru Stefan, opened the restaurant on Waterworks Road because he wanted to bring some of his Romanian culture to the city

He said: “Our food is the traditional and historic way to eat and cook in Romania.

“It’s the way we were eating a few hundred years ago.

“I am originally from Romania and I moved to Worcester about seven years ago.

“Our customers are both English and Romanian, it’s about a fifty-fifty split.

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Worcester News: La Terasa: Romanian restaurant in Worcester La Terasa: Romanian restaurant in Worcester

“I have some English friends and obviously with a barbeque it makes smoke that goes everywhere so people come to try our food.

“English people like to try different kinds of food – I was not expecting it to be this popular though.

“Most of the taste comes from condiments and ingredients that we were using many, many years ago.

“The meat we buy is fresh all the time, we use no frozen meat.”

The majority of the food is cooked on a grill and other food that cannot be grilled, such as soups, is cooked over a fire.

Mr Stefan added: “What I wanted to do because I have lived here for many years is that I wanted to do something to remember where I have come from.

“It is a reminder of my country and a way to share my history with different people.

“It’s really nice to bring a part of our history and way to cook and bring it here.

“The main thing to me is don’t forget where you come from.”

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La Terasa is a family business and Mr Stefan collates ideas from different members of his family to make the restaurant what it is.

He is thrilled that people booking tables have been travelling from sometimes over an hour outside of Worcester to come and visit La Terasa.