A popular charity shop has recently moved to a different part of the town. 

Amaze has moved from 1 Richmond Road to 40 Belle Vue Terrace, replacing what used to be Forget me Not, a local florist.

The shop will be open for trading again from Saturday, May 14 but will also have an official opening celebration after the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Chris Lee, co-founder and co-director of Amaze, said: “The new space is much larger than Richmond Road and will allow for not only three times the display space but also a much bigger workshop area.

“We would welcome donations of bric-a-brac, pictures and unusual objects from the public so we can fill it.”

Mr Lee encourages people to make donations to the shop by calling co-founder and co-director Polly Reehal on 07932 980397 and she will arrange a collection.

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The shop operates by reworking donations into unique pieces of art by the Amaze team.

The organisation’s co-founders hire homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people so that they have support and employment to build an independent life.

Mr Lee added: “It’s a nice coincidence that we found the shop exactly a year to the day that we opened Richmond Road.

“Excited is too small a word to express our happiness about moving forward in such a positive way and being able to take on more opportunities to help those in need.

“We plan to concentrate our efforts on the new shop although we are hoping to find a new use for the old shop with another charitable partner.

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“Polly and I have been looking for a new shop for some while now as Richmond Road has become just too small.

“Despite all you hear about empty high streets actually finding a vacant shop to rent is very difficult.”

Alongside their work with disadvantaged individuals in Worcestershire, Amaze is known in the community for placing a mannequin outside of their shop in a sleeping bag to resemble a homeless person with the goal of raising awareness for the issue.

The team at Amaze say they are also hoping to employ Ukrainian refugees at the earliest opportunity.