MEET the man who has made a living out of teaching people how to keep plants alive.

Ben Newell, who has just under a million followers on TikTok, teaches people how to make indoor gardens in sealed containers called terrariums.

Mr Newell, from Worcester, is bringing some of his best terrariums to the Chelsea flower show in London on May 24-28. 

Sarah Gerrard-Jones who is known as the plant rescuer on Instagram and Mark Lawlor from Happy Houseplants are hosting this year's flower show.  

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Mr Newell said: "This is my first plant show, but there are about 168,000 visitors every year. I'm helping people who are hosting the Chelsea show.

"They are creating a display on how to look after your plants. 

"Plant production is a multibillion industry but people don't understand the cost that goes behind it, which is what the Chelsea flower show is aiming to do."

The nature lover says he has been making terrariums for the past eight and half years and teaches people from all over the world how to make them too. 

"I educate people on how to make them and most people aren't from England. I've taught in every continent apart from Antarctica.

Terrariums's sparked Mr Newell's interest after working in a school, he said: "I used to work at Stanley Road School and I was put in charge of composting and then took over took over an allotment and then got into terrariums."

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Alongside a full-time job, Mr Newll also educates people from all over the world on how to make terrariums and how to keep your plants alive. 

"I do online zoom classes for £30 I do a question and answer for 40 minutes and for £50 I will talk them through how to make a terrarium for an hour."

He says: "Adequate light is important and not fussing over them because it's easy to fuss over them. The most sustainable thing you can do is keep your plant alive.