Travellers using Birmingham airport are finally going through the venue with limited queues and delays, which is in stark contrast to the "chaos" that was experienced on Monday (May 9).

Queues through security were lasting hours yesterday, although Birmingham airport said only 23 out of 7,500 passengers missed flights.

This was shown through the long lines of people snaking out of the main building which was shared on social media by many caught up in the long delays, which passengers described as "absolute chaos" and "manic".

It was reported by The Mirror earlier this morning that one passenger was urging other travellers to arrive for their flight five hours earlier due to the delays.

As early as 4am today the queues for security were snaking a long way back through the departure hall and up escalators.

However, that has now abated as Check-in Zones A and B are now quiet with the process of getting through security taking under 20 minutes for some.

One Twitter user posted: "Pt 3 - it took 17 minutes to get through security and into departures #birminghamairport all in all 30th minutes."

Another tweeted that the airport was "nowhere near as bad as the news made out" when they got through at around 10am this morning.

Birmingham airport is one of many around the UK that are looking for new staff to help deal with the demand of an increased number of passengers, which may have been a reason for the delays experienced yesterday and this morning.

New security staff are currently being trained and Airport chief executive Nick Barton hopes delays will ease by the end of May.