MYSTERY surrounds when a new cake shop will open in All Saints, Worcester. 

Bon Sucrèe is owned by a self-taught cake maker called Ben Thatcher who has been making cakes since the age of 13. 

The dessert shop was expected to open the first weekend of May (May 6) but has since been delayed. 

Fans of the baker are excited to visit the new shop that will have a contemporary and rustic look.

Mr Thatcher said: "I know I said we would hopefully be able to open on Friday 6th May but unfortunately this is not going to be the case due to a few unexpected delays.

"We now are going to open next week. I will keep you updated on which day this will be over the weekend.

"The competition will be drawn tomorrow as planned and prizes will be available to collect from the shop as soon as we open

"I look forward to seeing you all soon."

Facebook users have expressed their excitement about the new shop 

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One fan said: "Look forward to buying lots more cakes and seeing your success."

While another cake-lover said: "Congratulations, I hope all goes well, your cakes are fabulous. Liked and shared."

The cake maker specialises in creating little mug size cakes but has also baked elaborate wedding cakes, including a four-tier superhero cake. 

Mr Thatcher has previously said: "I make fresh tasty cakes, I try to make the cakes and decorate them on the day. I want people to sit and enjoy my cakes, rather than putting them on social media.

"Everything I do is self-taught and my cakes are my own recipes. 

"Customers have been coming to me for 7/8 years. 

"I work on the flavours and get the flavours exactly what I want."