A Worcester Primary School has been deemed "good" by Ofsted in its first report since becoming an academy. 

Inspectors found that learning to read is an absolute priority at Lyppard Grange Primary School and that pupils learn all subjects specified by the national curriculum. 

They said: "Leaders ensure that parents and carers are fully involved in their children’s learning, for example in helping them learn to read.

"Parents appreciate the school’s good communication with home.

"Pupils concentrate very well in lessons, and behave responsibly."

Inspectors also found that bullying is very rare at the school, and that pupils know that there are always adults to speak to and that any problems will be resolved quickly.

Inspectors also specified that the school takes the approach of ensuring all pupils "keep up" rather than needing to "catch up", a beneficial approach for pupils with SEND. 

Becky Thorp, headteacher at the school, said: "We are delighted that Ofsted has recognised us as continuing to be a ‘good’ school and has acknowledged the positive attitude and hard work of the children, staff, parents and governors, all working in partnership together.

"The opening paragraph, ‘Pupils enjoy attending Lyppard Grange Primary School. They are respectful, perceptive and articulate. Pupils benefit from the school’s balanced curriculum and enjoy work that makes them think’, encapsulates everything we aspire to achieve as a school fulfilling our mission statement of ‘Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life’.

"As you will see from the report, Ofsted has identified two elements that we need to work on in order for us to further improve. 

"The first is around curriculum development, which is a journey we have already commenced and will continue to work on; our main task is to document in more detail the ambitious curriculum already being delivered in school. 

"The second focus is around the effective deployment of teaching assistants; we are really fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated, hard-working and talented team of teaching assistants in our school and are proud of the role they play in supporting the children.

The headteacher added the school will make these areas a focus for improvement in the school over the coming weeks, months and years.