Meet the owner behind a pub often referred to as a 'modern-day twist on a back street boozer.' 

We took a look inside The Arch Rivals Mirco Pub which is located just under a railway track in Worcester. 

As I walked in I was greeted by Bowie - not David but the resident bulldog perched on the couch and the song Lovely Day by Bill Withers was playing in the background.

The pub is a haven for people who love craft beer and classic rock and roll music. 

Worcester News: All Smiles from Brad Jones and Mike Davis All Smiles from Brad Jones and Mike Davis

Every corner of the pub is brimming with personality, whether it's the records hanging on the arches or the pop art on the wall.  

The fact that there are railway tracks just above the pub makes the Arch Rivals very unique. 

Pub owner Mike Davis, 40, said: "The train track rattles overhead, it's not that loud but you do get used to the noise.

"But for people visiting Worcester, the trains are quite an interesting experience.

"When the flying Scotsman came that was really loud and people went outside to have a look."  

Get to know the owner

Some people might recognise Mike Davis from Couples Come Dine With Me and others might know him as the friendly face behind the bar. 

Before Mr Davis opened his pub he used to run warehouses for large companies. 

But about four years ago, he decided to quit his job and opened up a pub in a railway arch. 

Worcester News:

The pub has gained popularity in just four years of opening, but Mr Davis says his family thought he had 'lost the plot' when he first came up with the idea. 

Mr Davis said: "Everyone at the time thought I was mental, building a pub in a dark and dead-end in Worcester that no one goes to.

"Even my wife and Father-in-law thought I had lost the plot.

"For a long time, it [the Arches] had become a part of Worcester that people forgot. 

"A lot of the Arches were store units or car garages."  

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Meet the regulars 

Some of the artwork on the walls has been gifted by regulars or commissioned by local artists, including the Amy Winehouse and Liam Gallagher posters. 

Worcester News: Artwork of Amy Winehouse in the Arch RivalsArtwork of Amy Winehouse in the Arch Rivals

Mr Davis said: "A real mix bunch of people come here. We're open to everyone. 

"We have regulars with youngsters and we've seen them grow.

"We also have old boys who like their ale."

Worcester News: Artwork of Liam Gallagher in the pub Artwork of Liam Gallagher in the pub

The vibe of the pub

Mr Davis said: "I'm a big music fan, so it was easy for me to fill it with things I like. 

"Plus my wife didn't let me have it in the house. It's like a man cave.  

"I've been collecting the records since I was 14.

"The majority of stuff in here, I've had pre-pub. Some of the artwork like the Beatles and Oasis, I've had for 20 years but they were confined to the attic by the wife."

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Worcester News: The decor in The Arch Rivals The decor in The Arch Rivals

Mr Davis says the Arch Rivals and its decor is an extension of his personality. 

The pub owner said: "I'm quite literally wearing my heart on my sleeve, I love it."  

The Merch

Not every pub can say it has its own merch, but the Arch Rivals can. 

General manager Brad Jones, 27, the selection of customised hats and t-shirts are quite popular with punters.

Worcester News: Arch Rivals even has its own merch Arch Rivals even has its own merch

Mr Jones said: "People send pictures of themselves wearing t-shirts in distinct places around the world, like Texas and Spain."  

Worcester News: Arch Rivals has its own merch Arch Rivals has its own merch

Proud to be independent

The Arch Rivals is very proud to be independent. 

Mr Davis: "I love being independent, we deal with the people we want to deal with.

"We are a very small independent and we love what we do and hope people like it too." 

The owner of the pub says he wants to open four pubs and a brewery eventually.

Mr Davis said: "We work with some great breweries but we want to brew our own stuff and supply."

Mr Jones said: "Being an independent pub means you can listen to what people want."