Schools across Worcestershire will be breaking up for their summer holidays one day early this year. 

Worcestershire County Council has advised schools to take Friday, July 22 as a bank holiday.

The council has advised the extra day's holiday to replace the day off lost as the bank holiday for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee falls in half term. 

Schools under the authority of Worcestershire County Council will be breaking up for their summer holidays on Thursday, July 21. 

A spokesperson from Nunnery Wood High School said: "The council has given all schools directive to take that day off in lieu of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, so at least all of the state schools should be off that day." 

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Children First said: “The majority of schools are already on half-term on the additional bank holiday so it was agreed, by the West Midlands Term Dates Consortium, that the additional one day holiday for all Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools across the region, would be taken on Friday 22 July 2022. 

The additional day has also been recommend to all own admission authority schools, who are responsible for setting their own term dates. 

The summer term for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools will end on Thursday 21 July 2022.”

A spokesperson from the National Education Union Worcestershire said: "Teachers most definitely gain by the Bank Holiday, despite falling in a half term.

"Our contract (The School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document - STPCD) set down by parliament each year states that we will have 189 and not 190 teaching days Directed Time i.e. days when we are in front of pupils.

"WCC has specified the date you state although academies can set a different date; all Worcs academies still follow the STPCD.

"The situation will also be the same for Worcester Sixth Form.

"Independent and FE schools and colleges make their own local agreements."

The Consortium made this decision on April 21, 2021 and alerted schools in June the same year.