A GATE on a popular Worcester walking route has recently been mysteriously padlocked shut. 

One of the gates by the Northwick Lido was padlocked shut preventing people from walking along the popular public footpath. 

Worcestershire County Council was not responsible for this lock.

A spokesman said: “We were made aware that a gate on a public footpath located in Northwick Lido in Worcester has been padlocked.

"The lock was not installed by Worcestershire County Council.

"An officer has since visited the site and the padlock has now been removed.”

The other gate by the Northwick lido is also padlocked shut, but that gate is locked due to a decision by the county council.

There is a sign that accompanies the locked gate from the council.

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It said: "Notice is hereby given that the Order made by Worcestershire County Council on 25 March 2021, the effect of which is to close that part of FootpathWR-810(part) Worcester, which was due to expire on 2 October 2021, has been continued in force with the approval of the Secretary of State for the Department for Transport until the works to which it relates have been completed or until 1 October 2023, whichever is sooner.

Worcester News: Padlocked gate by Northwick lidoPadlocked gate by Northwick lido

"Any further extension will require the approval of the Secretary of State. 

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"The order has been made because of the likelihood of danger to the public as a result of surface damage and erosion of the footpath. 

"Alternative route: There is no alternative route."

This pathway was originally closed due to land erosion and safety issues surrounding this.

Earlier this year, Councillor Alan Amos said: “We can confirm that there are no current plans to permanently close the footpath.

"However, due to the extent and on-going nature of the land slip, repairing the path may prove not to be feasible as a long term solution.

"If sufficient land is lost to the river and reinstating the path becomes impossible, we could consider a permanent change to the definitive line of the footpath, such as a diversion."