Dozens of cats and kittens with matted fur have been rescued from a house in Droitwich.

A total of 16 adult cats and 11 kittens were found in the house after its occupants were evicted.

Many are long-haired cats and were found with matted fur, hiding in corners of a house that was filled with piles of rubbish.

They were rescued over a number of days by a team of volunteer cat trappers, who use humane traps to catch the animals then take them to rescue centres.

The cats were then taken to a number of animal sanctuaries around the area, including Cramar Cat Rescue near Bromsgrove and Wythall Animal Sanctuary in Birmingham.

Cramar Cat Rescue said in a Facebook post: “There were cats and kittens everywhere.

Worcester News: Ginger was taken to Cramar Cat Rescue after being rescuedGinger was taken to Cramar Cat Rescue after being rescued

“The house was filthy and the rooms were packed to the roof full of stuff, so there were plenty of hiding places.

“One by one the cats and kittens were trapped and rounded up and taken to many different rescues that had also agreed to help, even though we are all currently bursting at the seams with moms and kittens already.”

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The rescue centre said some of the cats - named Jane, Fitzy, Geraldina and Ginger - are going up for rehoming and that one has already been reserved.

Both Cramar Cat Rescue and the cat trappers stressed the importance of getting cats neutered.

Worcester News: Jane and Geraldina are now being looked after at an animal sanctuaryJane and Geraldina are now being looked after at an animal sanctuary

One of the cats rescued in Droitwich is only nine months old and already in the early stages of pregnancy.

The RSPCA says getting a female cat spayed or a male cat ‘snipped’ is one of the most important things to do if you’re getting a kitten.

For female cats, it’s a simple operation that stops them from having kittens. It’s recommended this happens before they are four months old as this is when they start to attract the attention of tomcats.

For tomcats, having the snip stops them spraying around the house and makes them less likely to wander too from home or get into fights with other cats.

Eligible low-income homes can get cats neutered and microchipped by the RSCPA for £5. Visit for more details.