'MINDLESS' thugs smashed a window trying to break into a popular family cafe.

Staff from Orchard Cafe at Worcester Wood said they were 'really saddened' to find the window had been damaged.

The would-be burglars tried to break in to the back of the cafe on Tuesday evening (May 10) but were unsuccessful.  

West Mercia Police were called to the scene and minor damage was reported on the property.

Worcester News: Orchard Cafe: Worcester WoodsOrchard Cafe: Worcester Woods

Nett Ward, Orchard Cafe owner, said: "The window had been smashed repeatedly but they didn't manage to gain entrance. 

"It's just mindless vandalisation and it's very sad.

"During lockdown, my daughter and I did a lovely refurb to make it look like an indoor woodland.

"So it's a real shame for the people who are sitting next to the window 

"When you look at the window it looks so shameful, compared to the others." 

Worcester News: Orchard Cafe in the Worcester Woods Orchard Cafe in the Worcester Woods

A spokesperson from the West Merica Police said: "Officers received a report of an attempted burglary at a business premise at Worcester Countryside Centre.

"It was reported to have happened between 7.45pm on Tuesday 10 May and 9am on Wednesday 11 May.

"Minor damage was reported to the property."

Worcester Woods Country Park said on its Facebook page: "We were really saddened to find that our café window had been vandalised on the night of 10th May.

"Our Country Park staff, as well as café tenants and staff all, work very hard keeping the country park and café open for everyone to enjoy.

"If anyone has any information, we ask that this be reported to the police, using crime reference number 22/46264/22, as it could really help with their investigation.

"On the plus side, when going through the various CCTV footage, we did see a beautiful fox."

A spokesperson from Worcestershire County Council said: "We're aware of the damage, and we've asked our property services team to replace the glass panel."