A FLOCK of ducklings were rescued from an unconventional place at a city centre tourism hotspot. 

Twelve ducklings took residence in a pit of bluebells in Greyfriars House and Garden on Friar Street. 

Once the National Trust realised they had unexpected guests, they tried to look after the family of ducks but eventually knew that calling the RSCPA was the right thing to do.   

Joe Tierney, programming and partnership officer, said the mother of the ducks must have flown in and laid eggs. 

Worcester News: The ducks stayed in the Bluebells during their stayThe ducks stayed in the Bluebells during their stay

"The RSPCA came yesterday (May 12) and rounded them up in the morning. 

"They were safe here because we don't have any predators apart from a couple of seagulls.

"But eventually, they would have to make their way to the canal which would have been very dangerous."

Mr Tierney says they had to call the RSPCA because it was the safest way to rehome the ducks.

Staff who work at the National Trust researched how to look after the ducks to see what they could do to make them feel more comfortable.   

Mr Tierney said: "We learnt that they need a water source and created a Belfast sink under shelter. 

Worcester News: Belfast sink Belfast sink


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Mr Tierney said: "We have a private tenant who lives on-site and she saw a whole load of ducklings one morning. 

"It took about an hour to catch all of the ducklings.

"Normally only 2/3 of the ducks will survive but because they were in this safe space they were more likely to survive and they were all quite big when they left." 

Mr Tierney says that some animals have taken residence in the gardens in the past.  

He said: "It seems like it's a safe place for ducks to occasionally visit and they love to chill out here. 

"The ducklings became a talking point, people weren't interested in the house we have.

"They just wanted to see the ducks in the garden."

The ducklings have now been moved to the canal.