A Worcester restaurant has reopened its cellar after refurbishing the area to allow for larger groups. 

The Olive Branch, nestled in Church Street, is a hidden gem in Worcester that serves Mediterranean food such as tapas and mezze platters and is also a wine bar. 

The restaurant has recently been refurbishing its cellar area, which used to be a bar.

Adam Giagnotti from the Olive Branch said: "We have taken the bar out of the cellar area to give it more space.

"It means that we can have larger parties book out the cellar for tapas and drinks. 

"It is free of charge to book out the cellar but you must have tapas to do that." 

When the cellar is not booked by large parties, it remains open for people to go for drinks.

Worcester News: The Olive Branch: Cellar bar transformationThe Olive Branch: Cellar bar transformation

The cellar has two rooms with an archway connecting them and numerous tables. 

The Olive Branch has three floors with the dining area being at the top and the drinks area being in the cellar.

The restaurant and bar was closed to complete the refurbishment on Tuesday, May 3 for one day while the work was completed.

The restaurant also worked and improved its outdoor space by adding new tables and chairs which they will soon be adding new cushions to as well. 

Attached to The Olive Branch is their other restaurant Impasto, which Mr Giagnotti said has been thriving since it reopened in November, 2021. 

He said: "A difficulty at the moment is finding chefs. 

"Having the two businesses connected means that our chefs and our servers can work as a team to keep both restaurants running.

Worcester News: The olive Branch: Cellar refurbishment The olive Branch: Cellar refurbishment

"So, our chefs are trained in making both tapas and pizza in the same kitchen" 

Impasto is situated on St Swithin's Street, Worcester, next door to Superdrug.

Impasto and The Olive Branch are back to back and share a kitchen using the same staff for both restaurants.