Parents and children have been enjoying the city's newest park which has now been transformed. 

Grasshopper Park in St Peter's has been revamped after closing for work from Tuesday, February 8. 

Initially, the park was supposed to be closed for only three weeks, but the reopening was delayed by several more weeks. 

Parish councillor John Renshaw said: "The children’s play area in Grasshopper Park is now open.

"The fencing around it was removed around 22nd April and there are no notices to indicate that the equipment shouldn’t be used.  

"When I walked by it this morning a father playing with his young children there.

"There was a considerable delay on the project.  

"The play area was closed on 8th February and the refurbishment was expected to take three weeks.

"At the end of March the city council said that a few snagging issues had to be addressed before it could be opened.  

"In the meantime, the play area would remain fenced off and people were advised not to use the play area as no insurance was in place until it could be properly opened."

Worcester News: Grasshopper Park in St Peter's has reopened Grasshopper Park in St Peter's has reopened

Initially, the park was set to be reopened by Worcester's mayor, but this did not happen due to the recent local election.

Instead, the park was opened in a lower profile way and is now availble for children to use.

Cllr Renshaw added: "Originally it was envisaged that the play area would be reopened by Worcester’s Mayor.  

Worcester News: Grasshopper Park in St Peter's reopensGrasshopper Park in St Peter's reopens

"However three weeks ago Worcester City was in the midsts of campaigning for the local elections and the rules of purdah apply which would prevent a City Councillor from performing the reopening of the play area on behalf of Worcester City Council.

"Having spoken to several local parents over the last couple of weeks the new play area has gone down well and, most importantly, has proved a hit with children."

Worcester News has contacted Worcester City Council for more information regarding the delayed opening.

Mr Renshaw added: "Unfortunately, the City Council didn’t provide any further information than that."