DRIVERS are feeling the pinch as petrol prices continue to rise at forecourts across Worcestershire.

A Droitwich resident was outraged by the "extortionate" price of petrol in the area noting the difference in prices at Sainsbury's and Texaco on Worcester Road, Droitwich.

Despite being only across the road from one another, there was a 19p difference in the cost of unleaded petrol between the two on Wednesday, June 1.

Unleaded fuel was priced at 172.9p per litre at Sainsbury's and 191.9p at the nearby Texaco garage.

At this Sainsbury's petrol station, diesel cost 183.9p and at the Texaco garage, it cost 189.9p.

Worcester News:

A Worcester News reporter visited petrol stations in Worcester today (Thursday, June 2) to compare the current prices of petrol. 

Three of these petrol stations have the same price for unleaded petrol which is 172.9p.

These stations were Sainsbury's on Windermere Drive, Tesco on Mill Wood Drive in Warndon Villages and Tesco just off of St Peter's Drive in St Peter's. 

The prices of diesel at these petrol stations are also very similar.

At the Warndon Villages Tesco on Mill Wood Drive, diesel costs 184.9p.

Worcester News: Sainsbury's on Windermere DriveSainsbury's on Windermere Drive

Diesel at the Sainsbury's on Windermere Drive costs 183.9p and at the Tesco in St Peter's it costs 184.9p.

A more expensive fuel option in Worcester is the Texaco garage on Ombersley Road, Northwick. 

Unleaded petrol costs 177.9p and diesel costs 183.9p. All prices are correct at the time of our reporter's visit.

Worcester News: Texaco garage on Ombersley RoadTexaco garage on Ombersley Road

However, the most expensive option for refuelling your car is the Texaco garage on Castle Street where petrol costs 178.9p and diesel costs 186.9p.