A BROAD Street trader has expressed their concern over the lack of action being taken over the scaffolding outside the Poundland store.

Rachel Evans, the owner of New England Country Store, shared her frustration over the scaffolding obstructing the view of her shop and the lack of communication from The Crown Estate.

She said: "It is really hard to tell how much trade has been affected by the scaffolding but it has certainly obstructed our view from passing customers which is frustrating.

"We have never had a definitive answer from anyone about when this is exactly going to end

"We have had customers coming in and asking about when it is due to go as well. 

"It is just an eyesore, at one point we were informed that a wrap of some sorts was due to be put around it to tidy it up a bit but it never seemed to happen.

"Any email I have sent has also just never been replied to."

This latest update comes after Toys & Games of Worcester issued a statement on social media, slamming the scaffolding for many of the same reasons.

Worcester News: New England Country Store. Picture Credit: Google Street View.New England Country Store. Picture Credit: Google Street View.

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The scaffolding was called a "monstrosity" and mentioned how "there has been no serious effort to engage, assist or recompense traders on lower Broad Street." 

The statement also mentioned how the road had once again been forgotten after the recent effort for other streets to be decorated for the Jubilee celebrations.

Urgent work was undertaken at the building after it closed in May 2021 for renovations.

The Crown Estate informed the Worcester News that it is continuing to carry out the works to Angel House as swiftly as possible and are liaising with the businesses affected.

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It was also mentioned how updates will be issued to those affected regarding the completion of the project.