THERE’S nothing like a bit of parental spin when it comes to the length of time it took dad to pass his driving test.

Either it’s got far harder or, more likely, there’s a bit of being economical with the truth going on, and Mark Chapman should know.

Because if there’s one thing the man who runs the M5 Driving Academy hears just about more than anything else, it’s “Dad only took four lessons and passed”!

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And there’s nothing that brings more pride to Mark and the academy than when someone who got behind the wheel for the very first time with them, then goes on to pass their test having been taught from scratch.

And the Worcester-based business, which has been running for about four years, is not just targeted at getting drivers through their test and then leaving them to their own devices.

We all have parts of our driving repertoire at which we’re less well-versed or comfortable with than others, which is why, as well as lessons, the M5 Driving Academy also offers refresher training, parking training and, as the name implies, motorway training.

And it’s not a prescriptive method either. Mark said: “We are very client centred, meaning the client can learn in the way that they prefer – after all the lessons are the client’s, not ours!”


The M5 Driving Academy’s Corsa

The M5 Driving Academy’s Corsa


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