A Worcester chip shop has been attempting to recreate the viral success of Binley Mega Chippy.

Mother Hubbard’s Famous Fish and Chips, which opened last month at Shrub Hill Retail Park, posted its own version of the song that’s been taking TikTok by storm.

TikTok users will already be familiar with the Binley Mega Chippy song - and how the Coventry takeaway was besieged by visits from new fans from all over the UK after a post on the social media platform went viral.

Pictures of the takeaway inspired a number of video tributes, including a simple but catchy song that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

@motherhubbardsworcester Thank you for the song 🎶 🤗🙂@bestthemesong #motherhubbardsworcester #worcesterfoodie #worcestershirefoodie ♬ original sound - The best theme song🎶

Inevitably, other takeaways have attempted to grab a slice of the action and Worcester’s newest chippy hasn’t been shy to have a go.

'Bring back Pizza Hut'

Mother Hubbard’s effort hasn’t quite hit the heights of the original but has had more than 2,500 views.

The takeaway hasn’t had things all its own way in the replies, with a number of users cheekily calling for the return of Pizza Hut, the previous occupier of the Mother Hubbard’s building.

One user pleaded “everyone wants Pizza Hut back, just give it us back man” and another saying simply “bring back pizza hut”.

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Mother Hubbard's will offer chips for less than £1 on opening day in Worcester

But Mother Hubbard’s has been taking it in good spirits, replying to one user: “Have you visited us? You wouldn’t miss Pizza Hut if you have.”

Mother Hubbard’s opened last month to huge queues of people at the retail park, thanks in part, to an opening day offer of fish and chips for 45p.

That was the price of the meal when the first branch of Mother Hubbard’s opened in Bradford in 1972.

The franchise has a number of branches in the north of England and has recently opened in Birmingham as part of a big expansion.