THIS is the incredible moment three deer swam across the river Severn near Pitchcroft.

Sally-Ann Wood was amazed to spot the trio while on a video call and took the pictures of the deer to prove to her husband-to-be she had seen them. 

The deer can be seen poking their heads above the water as they make their way from one side to the other between Pitchcroft and St John's.

Worcester News: Deer.Deer.

Miss Wood said: "I was sitting on our balcony opposite Pitchcroft on a video call to my fiancè Benjamin and I spotted movement on the sandy bit where dogs usually play and get in the water.

"They stood there for a few seconds, then I saw that they each got in one after the other and started swimming.  

"At first I thought they were dogs so I wasn't paying too much attention, but then realised they were deer and said to Benjamin, who thought I was talking rubbish and thought there can't be.

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"I shot up with my phone and took the photos.

"They were pretty fast so I couldn't get a really good photo.

"I watched them for a while swimming up the river away from me. Two then stopped and got out and the one kept swimming all the way up until he was out of sight.

"I sent the photos to my Benjamin, who was as amazed as me. Of course, it's not something you see every day or even ever so I see why he didn't believe me.

"I feel so lucky to have witnessed such an amazing sight. It was truly spectacular."