PRECIOUS memories have been lost by a man who collapsed in a field and no longer remembers his children or large chunks of his life.

Jon Silvester, of Worcester, was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital on the afternoon of Friday, June 10 by the air ambulance after collapsing at the Ronkswood Hill Meadows Local Nature Reserve.

Since the incident, Jon is struggling to remember large parts of his life, including his children and a lot of the incidents which lead to him being in hospital.

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Mr Silvester said: "I can barely remember what happened. It's so horrible and such a strange feeling not being able to remember things.

"I remember my wife and the love I have for her, but I cannot remember my kids at this current stage in time.

"I have seen pictures of them but I just cannot recall who they are."

Jon reportedly collapsed whilst walking home from the doctor's and was later told in hospital it was thought to have been due to an epileptic fit. 

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He said: "Apparently I used to be in the army and this is something that I cannot at all recall, same as my other jobs.

"I remembered who my sister was when she came to visit me but it took me a while to understand we were related.

"It just comes and goes, but I am also finding myself remembering the smallest and most unusual things."

He said: "I was in and out of consciousness so the incident is extremely hard to recall.

"I can vaguely remember hearing voices, then the sound of the helicopter and being turned over by the paramedics. The next thing I know I am waking up in the hospital later that day.

"I have been here since the incident and I am seeing a neurologist later today. I am not currently sure when I will be able to leave.

"It was explained to me that this can sometimes happen with epilepsy."

He is now searching for a good Samaritan who has been credited with saving his life.

The man performed chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

If you are the man, or know his identity, email