A DISABLED man says it is "unfair" a housing association expects him to repair DIY he carried out at his flat. 

Colin Morris has arthritis and has to climb two floors at a flat on Henry Fowler Close in Evesham owned by Rooftop Housing Association.

He would like to move into a bungalow on Lawrence Road but has been told that he must make repairs to DIY ha carried out at his current flat before he can move.

Mr Morris said: "I am disabled, I have acute arthritis in both knees, meaning I am in great pain, walking, and climbing stairs.

"The flat that I have is a first-floor flat which means that I am in great pain leaving or returning to my flat. 

"I have been notified by rooftop housing that I had been accepted on a bid for a bungalow.

"They did tell me that I had passed the financial review where they found out all my financial details. 

"They then wanted me, a disabled man, to strip the flat of all the artwork and clean all floors even though all carpets will be thrown away.

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"I laid the floor in the bathroom about 10 years ago but it's immaculately clean.

"It seems petty to me. They said I couldn't move in because my property wasn't suitable for re-letting.

"They offered me the bungalow three weeks ago. 

"I've popped round and the garden is overgrown. It's unfair. They won't have that done by the time I move in."

Lisa Nicholls, executive director of operations at Rooftop Housing said: "Our Neighbourhood Housing Officer, Tracey has been working with our customer Colin to support moving to a home that better meets his needs. 

"Ahead of accepting this offer Colin was advised that his home had to be returned to a minimum standard considering fair wear and tear.

"All customers preparing to move are visited to ensure their home is returned to us in a fair condition. 

"As landlord, we carry repairs to a returned home to ensure that it meets our minimum lettable standard for new customers.  

"However, where we identify repairs or damage that is tenant responsibility, ahead keys being returned we agree timescales for completion. 

"If a customer is unable to complete this work, we would undertake this however we would recover the cost.

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"On this occasion during the visit, we agreed to do some repair work that would have been Colin’s responsibility, however the work remaining must be carried out before the keys are returned.

"Once this work has been completed Colin will be able to apply for another move.

"We have been working closely with Colin for several months and aware of his current circumstances, we would not ask any customer to undertake repairs that they were unable to complete due to medical reasons."