A paramedic returned from a 13-hour shift to find a mystery person had keyed along his car causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

Phil Llewellyn had gone above the call of duty staying an hour after his shift ended to take a patient to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

But he is left wondering why he bothers after returning to his damaged Volkswagen T5 Campervan.

It was parked outside the gates of Worcester Ambulance Hub in Spetchley Road while he was working from 12pm to 12am yesterday (Wednesday).

Mr Llewellyn, who has dedicated 20 years to the ambulance service, said: “The closure of the ambulance stations in Evesham and Malvern means there are a lot of people working from Worcester now.

Worcester News: The damage caused to Mr Llewellyn's vanThe damage caused to Mr Llewellyn's van

“The car park gets full so sometimes I park on the grass verge outside the gates.

"I’ve parked there before with no problems but when I got back late last night there was a scratch all along the side.

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“It’s not something that can be patched up - the whole side will have to be resprayed so it will cost me in excess of £600.”

Mr Llewellyn, from Norton, has looked at CCTV from the ambulance hub but said multiple people walked past his van making it very difficult to identify the person responsible.

'Mindless criminal damage'

“This is a job that we get paid to do but we’re also out there serving the public and to come back and find this mindless criminal damage, it’s depressing, frustrating and annoying,” he said.

“Did they do it just because it was there or were they targeting the ambulance service?

"Is it people annoyed about waiting times or something taking it out on ambulance staff?

Worcester News: Phil Llewellyn helped out in Nepal following an earthquake in 2015Phil Llewellyn helped out in Nepal following an earthquake in 2015

“This person could be a former patient of mine or they could be a patient in the future. We’re here to serve the local community and we will help anyone with no exceptions.”

But he added: “My faith in the general public is waning lately and I’m wondering why I bother doing the job I do.”