A BRAWL erupted outside a village social club during a wedding reception with reports a woman was punched in the face.

The violence broke out outside the Hallow Sports and Social Club in The Green, Hallow, near Worcester in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


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Wedding guests called police after a woman was punched in the face and was taken to A&E on the advice of the emergency services.

West Mercia Police was not able to confirm if any arrests were made.

Residents living nearby reported hearing a disturbance in the early hours.

We have been told another female guest punched the woman leaving her with a black eye.

Worcester News: INCIDENT: The wedding was held at Hallow Sports and Social ClubINCIDENT: The wedding was held at Hallow Sports and Social Club

It is believed a man was also attacked and left with a suspected broken nose as violence spilt onto the main road.

Club chairman Wayne Daniels confirmed he ejected a couple who were arguing with each other at his daughter's wedding.

"We called the police to get them involved as we didn't want any trouble. They were removed from the club. We were the ones who got the police involved," said Mr Daniels.

Worcester News: IDYLLIC: Hallow, pictured by James Connell on Friday, June 17.IDYLLIC: Hallow, pictured by James Connell on Friday, June 17.

He described a couple at the wedding 'arguing with each other and turning on everyone else' before he removed them.

Mr Daniels said the attack upon the woman did not happen inside the club and that some of the incident took place on the car park of the Crown Inn opposite.

However, he confirmed a woman, a guest at the wedding, had suffered 'a black eye'.

"She was punched in the face. She suffered a black eye and I believe she is pressing charges" he said.

"The club is a brilliant place but you always get one idiot when you have a party. This is the first incident we have had for years."

He confirmed three marked cars and one unmarked car attended.

"They were absolutely superb. They were fantastic," Mr Daniels said.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "We heard shouting at 1.30am on Wednesday morning.

"We were trying to sleep but we couldn't so we just sat in the kitchen. They were really loud out there."

Another resident who also declined to be named, described hearing a 'very audible argument' which went on beyond midnight and 'spilt out onto the street'.

She added: "There were maybe 10 people, a mix of ages and a mix of genders, dressed smartly.

"It had gone beyond just frustration. Police attended but I don't think anybody was taken away. Residents were awoken at that time which is unusual for a Tuesday evening."

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said it was called at 12.21am.

"Following telephone triage of the patient, they were referred to the emergency department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital with the patient confirmed they were able to make their own way there."