A Worcestershire cricket team made up of visually impaired or blind players held a match and invited school children to raise awareness of the inclusivity of sport. 

The match between Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and Worcestershire Elizabethans Visually Impaired cricket team is an annual fixture and took place at Old Elizabethans Cricket Club.

MCC played the match wearing simulation spectacles to impair their vision, making the match between the two teams fair.

Oliver Uffindall, match manager of MCC, said: "We play around 500 fixtures each year and have around 2,000 members.

Worcester News: Oliver Uffindall: MCC match manager Oliver Uffindall: MCC match manager

"Lynne arranged this fixture, we've been coming here for around seven years now.

"We've got players from all over the country and people can apply to play fixtures, so the people who want to get involved in this style of game can apply for it.

"It's humbling to play a version of cricket that's not our normal.

"There's a bigger ball with a bell inside of it. We shout 'play' and 'ready'.

"Anyone completely blind has to let the ball bounce twice before they hit it and they get double runs.

"They can also let the ball bounce before they catch it when they're fielding.

"For people who are visually impaired though it's more or less the same.

"We all wear the simulation spectacles to make it fair

"We want everyone to understand that you can still play sport if you're visually impaired, it's just a slightly different version of the game.

"They play like this all the time so they will probably be much better than us." 

Worcester News: MCC and Worcestershire Elizabethans VI's MCC and Worcestershire Elizabethans VI's

Lynne Newell, who runs the Worcestershire Elizabethans VI team, said: "We play MCC annually.

"We invited the local school and Sight Concern because we wanted to raise the profile of visually impaired cricket.

"This is the VI team's home ground, they are part of the England and Wales regional league for blind cricket, but because of covid people are struggling to get players.

"Some of the team had never played cricket before joining us.

"We meet on Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings."

The club invited North Worcester Primary School to watch the game and learn about inclusive sport.