POLICE have given two traffic offence reports to drivers caught speeding on a busy Worcester road this morning.

Officers are conducting speed enforcement checks on Plantation Drive, in Warndon Villages.

The speed limit on Plantation Drive is 30mph.

Traffic offence reports have been given to one driver doing 40mph and a private hire driver doing 39mph.

PC Rowan Boyle said words of advice were given to the motorists whilst the checks were carried out.

There are two types of motoring offences for which a traffic offence report can be issued.

A non-endorsable offence carries a fine of between £30 to £100 with no penalty points endorsed on your driving licence.

An endorsable offence carries a fine of between £100 - £300 and can result in between three and six penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence.

Some endorsable offences allow the opportunity to attend an educational course instead of paying a fine.